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Are you an above-average development
professional ready to move to the Netherlands?

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The best non-EU development professionals for your team?
Quick recruitment process, no IND sponsorship needed.

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Package for professionals: Quick visa procedure (also for family),
interesting roles, local salary and expat tax benefit. Try life in the Netherlands!

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Looking for talented, internationally
experienced development professionals?

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Broaden your horizon with new experiences.
Make new international contacts and friends for life.

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Candidates go through technical interview(s) and skill
tests before joining the employer. Quality in every step of the process.


For talented senior/medior development professionals looking for an interesting challenge in Western Europe.


We recruit the most talented software development professionals in Eastern Europe to the Netherlands (primarily).


Shoot us a line – we are here for your support. Jobs, candidates, questions – you name it.


Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for motivated IT professionals to join employers in the Netherlands that need experienced and talented employees to contribute to their development efforts.

We contribute to the Dutch knowledge economy by matching the right professionals with the right vacancies and helping to bridge practical problems.


It is necessary for companies to attract the right IT professionals to the Netherlands. Many companies do not know how to do this, or how to handle the visa procedures.

The level of insecurity is high among the employers facing this situation. At the same time, we know that the Netherlands is a popular destination for international professionals to come to live and work.

Also among candidates, the level of insecurity is high and it is often difficult to find employers or open positions where the employers recruit from abroad.


The Dutch welfare state depends on the development of its knowledge economy. To be able to develop the knowledge economy, professionals with the right skills need to be available on the labour market. One industry where there is a lack of skilled professionals is the IT industry with 34,000 new vacancies in 2014.


  • Find a suitable candidate
  • Find out what expectations are and inform about possibilities (both candidate and employer)
  • Present (only) highly suitable candidates to the employer in a very convenient format
  • Explain to the employer about what motivates the candidate
  • Check level of knowledge by assessing English level and professional skills testing
  • Explain to the candidate how things work in the Netherlands
  • Handle the visa procedure
  • Give guidance on tax rulings etc.
  • Provide a support network so that the employer can always find help with administrative questions

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