Do you consider yourself an above-average development professional? – then we would love to hear from you.

Finding talented developers, with the right experience, is increasingly difficult in Western Europe, but many employers still only search locally.

At Rocketworks, our expertise is matching talented software development professionals in Eastern Europe with challenging roles in the Netherlands.

We are also specialized in handling the visa applications for the candidate and for his/her family. A typical visa application procedure takes around three weeks after all relevant documents are collected.

We invest time and resources in our pool of candidates, and in presenting them to prospective employers in the most efficient way. Therefore, we can only afford to work with professionals that we know reach the mark.

What you can expect

  • An interesting role
  • Normal (for the Netherlands) or better working conditions
  • A competitive salary (even after tax)
  • Free working visas for you and your partner (even if you are not married)
  • Free resident visas for your children

Our core philosophy reads:

  • Work with the most talented individuals
  • Find the candidate a home in an interesting environment
  • Explain to the employer about what motivates the candidate
  • Make the hiring process easy and quick for both employer and employee
  • Bring down barriers and make it happen!

We will not waste your time

At Rocketworks, our work starts with the candidate. During our initial contact, we will ask you for your CV in English and ask you some questions that will help us understand your situation and what you are looking for.

Assuming all is well, we will schedule a deeper interview with you over video, where we will go deeper into your personality, your professional experiences and technical development matters.

Taking the process further, we will invite you to take one or more on-line professional tests where you can prove your skills in your primary fields of expertise. The results of these test will be shared with select clients in order to give them the transparency they need to take the hiring process further. We will also invite you for one of more technical interviews, where you can give us further insight into your technical skills.

If you are this far in the hiring process, you are most likely a great development professional – and we will be doing everything we can to get you a role that matches your profile. We work with fewer, but better candidates so we really believe that each and every one of our candidates is a great hire. The next steps in the hiring process are up to the client company, but we will be there supporting as needed.

Visas and regulations do not slow us down

We believe that both the candidate and the client company benefit from a speedy hiring process. We have therefore specialized in the visa application process for candidates (including family).

Our fastest experience involves a professional starting his employment in the Netherlands just three weeks after signing his contract. Typically, candidates can relocate and start working in the Netherlands immediately after finishing the notice period at their current job. We do expect from candidates that they do whatever they can to speed up the start on the new job.


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