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  • Work with the most talented individuals
  • Find the candidate a home in an interesting environment
  • Explain to the employer about what motivates the candidate
  • Make the hiring process easy and quick for both employer and employee
  • Bring down barriers and make it happen!

We understand your hiring problem – and we solve it for you

Finding talented developers, with the right experience, is increasingly difficult in Western Europe and many employers settle for average or below-average developers just in order to fill vacant roles.
That is why it makes sense to look outside the Netherlands, and even outside the European Union, to find the right developers.
This is where we at Rocketworks come in; we make it easy to hire non-EU expert developers. In fact, our experiences tell us it is even easier and faster than to hire a local average developer.

Hiring average or below-average software developers is more costly to your organisation than you would think. Click here to read more about that. At Rocketworks, we recruit the most talented software developers in Eastern Europe for challenging roles in the Netherlands (primarily).

Minimal time spent – maximum result

Moreover, hiring great developers tends to swallow your time, and CVs do not always tell a lot about the candidate. At Rocketworks, we do what we can to save you the time it takes to screen candidates.
Of course we check the basic stuff, such as level of English, notice period, interests etc, but we also ask our candidates to take third party tests in his/her primary fields of expertise, and sometimes even samples of code.

Internationally experienced developers

The developers we talk to are fluent in English and already working internationally – in their home countries:

Think of countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Macedonia and Russia where the outsourcing industry has fostered a large number of great software developers and provided them with experience in best practices across a variety of different projects for different international customers, working in English.

Visas and regulations do not slow us down

We give you access to the best talent – and we do it fast! Our fastest experience involves a professional starting his employment in the Netherlands just three weeks after signing his contract. Typically, we expect that the candidates can relocate and start working in 1-1,5 months after signing the contract, since they will often have a notice period at their current job.

You do not have to worry about visa applications etc. for the candidate and his/her family – we handle that for you! We also give guidance on regulations regarding salaries and qualification requirement for visas and the ‘30% tax ruling’.


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