Visas – who qualifies? What are the requirements?

Under the ‘Knowledge Migrant’ programme of the Dutch Immigration Authority, the supervision of the immigration procedure is placed in the hands of the Employer (the certified ‘Sponsor’ of the Knowledge Migrant candidate). The visa is tied to the employer, and a re-application needs to be submitted with a new sponsor in case of switching jobs to another employer in the Netherlands.

In addition to being approved for sponsorship, the employer needs to make sure that the candidate and the employer agree on a salary that is above the minimum salary for the Knowledge Migrant visa programme.

At Rocketworks, we are up to date with these visa regulations and we advise our clients about the possibilities on a case-by-case basis.

In short, we make sure that any offer you will receive as a candidate makes you eligible for a visa as a Knowledge Migrant.

Can my partner and my family come?

Your partner can come with you to the Netherlands, as well as your children (or the children of your partner). Your partner does not have to be married to you. The requirement is that you can prove from the civil register that your partner is not married to anyone else.

Your partner will be allowed to work freely in the Netherlands.

What is the procedure?

Procedure timeline: Around 4 weeks from signing the employment contract – sometimes less.

As soon as you have signed a contract with your new employer in the Netherlands, Rocketworks will ask you for your personal details and other relevant documentation. You can send it to us in PDF format.
We will then send the paperwork to the Immigration Authority, that takes approximately 2 weeks to approve your application. When you get the message that the visa is ready, you can make an appointment with your local Dutch embassy that will issue the visa in your passport. Depending on the embassy, this can require up to an extra week. When you have your visa in your passport, you are ready to travel according to what you have agreed with your new employer.

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